Have you been just using your Ipod itouch for playing intended for favourite music keep track of and perhaps the strange video If so you are missing out on 100 of games and purposes that are available to you and many of these are 100 no cost. Lets kick off together with 10 games when compared with you can download clear of the Itunes retail store.
Everybody must from some site have got played Pacman and you can you can now even play Pacman En aning on your Ipod. It appears like the original video version complete with a virtual control stick so that you can toggle. No wonder it looks consequently retro it is made by Namco. Check it out for some vintage gaming action Available for both iPod Touch along with iPhone.
Playing Jelly Car you travel a car. You thought it made of jelly through a world of jelly or at least try to. This shocking bad graphics which look like something a 5 yr old designed are actually more quiet pleasing than annoying and for myself make the game. Available for both iPod Touch along with iPhone.
Tap Tap Revenge is a form of low budget version associated with Guitar Hero. Itouch Engage through the beats of more than 40 free music and dont be amazed when you get addicted to mafia wars. Available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.
Ibowl is one kind of my favourites Get bowling with your ipod itouch with great artwork. If you like bowling the game allows you to bowl at anytime and anyplace and you also dont even must hire smelly shoes or boots. Available for both ipod itouch and iPhone.
Cannon Challenge is put together by the Discovery Channel also to be honest is not one of my favourites. The action consists of shooting cannons with targets and try to struck them. Its more pleasant than it sounds yet only just.. Available for both iPod Touch and iphone 4.
Labyrinth Lite Release. In this game you have to roll a little material ball through a solid wood labyrinth while avoiding holes. This game is incredibly addictive and very tricky and will keep you entertained for ages trying to grasp the 10 levels. Readily available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.
Ever played Risk Well if thats so Lux Touch will appeal to you personally as it is a risk-like approach game of global domination. Control the blue army and take over the planet. Available for both ipod itouch and iPhone.
Tic Tac Free of charge Does exactly what it says about the tin which is noughts in addition to crosses for you Britons reading this article.. Nobody ever out expands this simple game or even do they. Available for both equally iPod Touch and apple iphone.
Sol Free Solitaire - Virtually no free games list would be complete with out Solitaire and Im happy to say that there is a totally free Ipod version termed Sol Free Solotaire. It is one of many all time classic game titles and now it is intended for the iPod Touch. Available for the two iPod Touch and iphone 3gs.
Brain Toot Free is a brain training activity so download that and put on your thinking cap and see the way smart you really are. Its got four different activities to train your brains ram visual thinking along with math skills therefore not only will you develop the human brain powere but you will have lots of fun.. Available for the two iPod Touch and i phone.
All these games are available 100 free from the Itunes store so simply load the apple itunes store and say hello to the game you want to weight. Now a word regarding warning Dont download these games business sites or you could injury your Ipod as well as get it infected by the virus or Trojan. So play safe and sound download from I-tunes and have fun Itouch Are you trying to find leisure over the web Do you want to participate in the casino have fun along with earn cash at the aspect In the event you answered of course to these two queries then you may go online to investigate web sites offering on-line casino. Philippines on the web casino web sites present many famous and they often played casino online games transformed into a web-based passion. Games are many fun when you are relaxing in the comfort and ease of your very own residence and also without having difficulties associated with taking part in inside a territory established casino.
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