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While using recent talk with the Yahoo and microsoft merger I in no way really grasped what a merger would mean on the internet. Even when talks of an partnership or contract with Google surfaced it did not occur to myself the underlying reasons for moaning. Recently all that modified when I came across a list of who owns what on tv today. The Internet has become more and more like the company world in that a few major corporations will be controlling the whole. Couple of mega giants very own many little giants. At this rate therell be once again no smaller owners but larger corporations. The Internet has brought what was becoming well-known in small residential areas now to the web 2 . 0.

According to the actual emerging media is actually owned by six important players- Google Yahoo Microsoft AOL Reports Corporation and IAC. Media players So what can they own
Properly the lists usually are astounding. Yahoo alone owns 25 businesses or sites as of Feb. 2008. Web-sites such as- on-line aution site that Yahoo acquired in Late 2001 site that Askjeeve acquired in 2008
Inktom software for Internet service providers acquired in 2002
Overture-search marketing tools 03
Internet Assistant-browser object with regard to Internet Explorer
Kelkoo-EUUK shopping web site
MusicMatch-digital mp3 store
WUF Networks-digital document transfer tool
Verdisoft-software improvement company
Flickr-parent company was Ludicorp Research
Stadeon-cross platform video gaming backend
Konfabulator-early widget podium calendar
Whereonearth-embedded adverts for maps social bookmarking app
SearchFox-RSS readers
Meedio-applications for PC Digital recording device and home
Kenet Works-online towns service
Wretch-Taiwanese social networking
MyBlogLog-widget regarding blogs
Right Media-online marketing exchange sports activities news site
Jumpcut-video modifying service pinging service
As for Microsoft their number is just as long. Since 2005 Microsoft provides acquired the following-
GeoTango-3D mapping
Softricity Inc.-virtulization and buffering
Massive Inc.-in-game marketing
Vexcel-satellite imaging
Onfolio-Internet Search
AQuantive Inc-global digital camera advertising and marketing
Screen Tonic-mobile marketing
Tellme Networks-digital voice solutions
Stratature-data managing
AdECN-advertising exchange platform
Parlano-multiplatform Internet marketing service shopping site
Global Care Solutions-medical data application online service
Callista Technologies-desktop virtualization
You can view what a merger or buyout of Yahoo by Microsoft could mean to the fresh media. Yahoo refused the over 44 billion dollar offer and it appears to be they were right in doing so.
A merger could possibly mean so much the particular control of the Internet. Several say Google might become obsolete if the merger took place. I think Google has been extremely resourceful thus far and must never be discounted.
For any complete list of most six media the big players download a pdf file at
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