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When doing a tuneup or regular maintenance on your Ford F-150 the fuel filter is one part to which you should pay particular attention. This small part can keep your truck from starting or cause it to run rough if not preserved correctly. It is just a particularly simple component to change requiring fewer than an hour and you can get it done all by yourself conserving you the fee of getting it done by someone else.
Difficulty- Moderately Uncomplicated
Details You will need Fuel filter Fuel line removal application Flat-head screwdriver
1Come across the fuse box of your Ford F-150 found for the passenger side belonging to the truck beneath the dashboard. Locate the fuel reset swap that is certainly following to the fuse box by using a red cap on prime. Reset zune
2Get started the motor of your car or truck after which depress the red cap by hand at the very best within the fuel reset switch to stop the flow of fuel to the motor. After the engine dies crank the motor several situations to drain the many fuel stress from your line.
threeIdentify the fuel filter for the inside with the body rail underneath the drivers aspect door. Recognize the markings within the fuel filter and just how its pointing so that you can identify which option to install the new filter.
fourDisconnect the metal retaining clip by hand from your front engine facet in the fuel filter and move it from the way. Compress the metal fitting that sits in excess of the front in the fuel filter with a line-removal instrument till the filter arrives loose then separate the line from your filter.
5Separate the rear within the fuel filter from the fuel line by cautiously employing the line-removal application to compress the metal fitting until eventually it occur loose then eliminate the filter through the line.
sixUse a flat-head screwdriver to loosen the clamps keeping the fuel filter in put. Slide the aged filter out of the clamps and discard the filter.
sevenSlide the new filter into the clamps with the arrows on the filter pointing toward the engine and tighten the clamp by using a screwdriver. Link the front fuel line with the front belonging to the fuel filter by sliding the compression ring back again and placing the line over the filter until finally the ring snaps into location then move the locking clip into location.
8Link the fuel line that runs to your fuel tank by pulling back within the compression ring and sliding the fuel line in excess of the filter until finally the ring snaps into site then move the blue locking clip in location around the line.
nineExamine all your connections to verify that they are set appropriate and then depress the red fuel pump inertia change. Flip the motor through by turning the true secret without the need of beginning the motor and counting to ten.
tenVerify the fuel line all over again to confirm that there arent any leaks. Get started the motor and allow it to operate until eventually the idle smooths out.
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