Zune Car Pack V2

Love to listen to music, endless selections of at least 30,000 music files a Squircle away while taking a long trip in your car? Then it is time to accessorize the Zune 120 (GB) with the Zune Car Pack V2. This accessory will make life more pleasant and flexible even if you are behind the wheel. Have an older Zune model? No problem, this pack is compatible to all Zune models.

As a driver, safety should be the number one rule to follow and the car pack accessories of Zune will be safe to use in the car with its magnetic storage clip that will keep the wires out of the way of the driver’s arms and legs and making driving easy and safe for all. The dashboard grip pad will hold the Zune safe and secure and will not make it go all over the place. Nothing short of an accident will dislodge the Zune out of this pad; it is that stable and solid. So listening to music is clear, there would be no untoward vibrations heard.

With the safety question dealt with and out of the way, it is time for the enjoyment listening to the music stored in the files. With the car pack, there is no need to worry that the battery life would not make the trip. Simply dock the car adaptor into the cigarette lighter and the Zune will continuously charge while working its music magic.

If you decide to use the FM instead of the stored files, the FM Transmitter will automatically look for the station that has the best reception according to your location. Otherwise, simply preset to two FM stations. Take note, some users comments have made remarks that they found it hard to tune in to a radio station using this accessory, and then there is also the same number of people who says that there are no problems tuning in. Remember, this works like a radio, so be patient until you find a station. The Zune will always try to find the clearest stations, it likes perfection. And, once it has found a good one, there would be no static background.

Included in the Zune car pack box are the FM transmitter/charger, dashboard grip pad, product quick start guide and the product manual. Read the guide and the manual at least once if you are not familiar with the accessories and get in touch to an easier lifestyle.