Zune Docking Station

Have a Good Night’s Sleep with the Zune Docking Station

The Zune is not just for traveling, it is not just for walking and working out, it is also great for the user who likes to listen to music when sleeping. Especially if the Zune contains files with great relaxing music or Zen music.

Sleeping can be distracted if the subconscious is looking out for trouble. This is relieved by the Zune docking station. Simply place it beside the bed, connect it to the wall socket, dock the Zune, play it (remote controlled) close your eyes and sleep.

The docking station is a compact and attractive accessory that allows the Zune to charge while playing. It is compatible to new and old Zune models as well as a cell phone, MP3 player, and video game system. Enjoying sound that goes around the room makes it worthwhile to get one.

An additional feature of this station is the LCD digital dock display that shows the right time at all times, however it is not an alarm clock. The infrared remote controlled station makes the sleepy individual relax and control the Zune from anywhere in the room.

Now, there is always malfunctioning equipment, these are just machines after all and if received as a gift, the recipient never had a chance to test it out. So, simply return the defective unit and in more or less a week, receive a functioning one. Note that machines are not infallible and sometimes there are products that get missed out in the production line. So relax and let them replace it and enjoy the magic and convenience of the Zune docking station.

The customer relations that deal with dissatisfied or frustrated customers are well trained to handle difficult and frustrating events. They are polite and encouraging and they will do everything that they can to make the customer happy, no matter what it takes. In the end, customers get their satisfaction and guarantees.

Using the station is very simple, just go through the simple instructions if not familiar with the gadget and get immediate and satisfying results. Even for its compact design and small size, this station gives volume and quality that is surprising. (Note: this is not a Boss speaker system, neither is it club systems so don’t compare unjustly and take its quality at face value).

Upon opening, a Zune docking station box includes the following items: Zlive speaker system and docking station, Zune bracket, remote control with batteries.