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REVIEW PLATFORM- Motorola Droid running Android operating system 2.3.Four CM7.1RC1
This review roundup seemed to be mentioned on Information on Android episode 14 a TWIT podcast
UPDATED 06-SEP-2011 current My Home added Samsung Pure Snap Launcher.
The basic home app also known as launcher is exactly what pops up when you mass media the Home button on an Android phone is almost limited in functions. People want the opportunity to load themes a lot more screensworkspaces than the default Three on-screen permanent shortcuts additional eye candy scrollable widgets and much more.
There are many these kinds of replacements made by different programmers. Here are some totally free home replacement programs on the Android Current market that you may want to try. These are- Helix Launcher Helix Launcher 2 iHome PandaHome SlideScreen Home Gesture House Lite TagHome and OpenHome En aning. Zune hd buy There are also reviews a few newcomers like LauncherPro Zeam SweeterHome LiveHome vLauncher Animations Homescreen KeeWorld Launcher ADW.Launcher and many many more. They are confirmed to work on Motorola Droid and really should also work on every other Android phones running Android 2.One particular or later. They might work on older Android operating system phones. Some have got versions that will operated with Cupcake Android OS 1.Some
Please note that exactly the free version can be evaluated. If there is some sort of paid version that is to be noted. However all those will not be evaluated. Just about all limitations of the totally free versions will be mentioned.
If you need more basic tips please see Tips for New Moto Droid owners.
To provide a basic for comparison the standard home app can be reviewed as well.
House default
Pros- very fast the standard through all others are tested supports widgets and also live wallpaperDownsides- plain vanilla absolutely no special features by any means limited to 3 window screens only 5 throughout FroyoRating- 5 from 10 baseline involving comparison
For much better organization the various Residence Replacements have been split up into 7 categories Full-featured Heavy-Weight Light-weight iPhone-style Windows Phone Seven style Fake Gingerbread Additional Defunct
Full Featured Per Heavy-Weight
Full-Featured Home Replacements which may also be called heavy-weight generally have some special features which set them apart. They usually have several static shortcuts at the dock theme support reside wallpaper support several screens scrollable widgets and some other special features such as ability to filtration system organize your current shortcuts into groups scrollable docks gestures and so on. However these apps generally employ a lot of memory in order to give you all these features.
When you have a 512MB phone go ahead and and try one of these full-featured house replacements. If they will not quite well on your cellphone then try one of the lightweights home replacements.
ADW Launcher is stuffed with features both eyesight candy and functions. Therefore it is more of a heavyweight.
First as you can see in the screenshot it resembles the Froyo launcher a lot. In case you are wondering about the black and white shortcuts thats because My spouse and i specifically turned on the particular tint mode which just use your alpha mask not the full color symbol. I can turn the tint mode off of. It is not as good as obtaining real monochromatic emblems but its close.
Subsequent you can see the two dots from the lower left and right 4 corners. Those are Google android nexus one style scroll markers indicating how many window screens are there to each aspect. You can click on it to scroll that way as well as the dragflick method. This can easily be turned off in the most recent version so you find room for two A lot more on-screen static shortcuts to get a total of four.
3rd ADWLauncher does support Live Picture with the option to convert the support On improve speed and reduce battery and CPU drain.
Fourth in case you look at the App Cabinet you can see that this one works by using the iHome Straight talk samsung Galaxy style the spot that the app drawer goes leftright instead of updown. However that is certainly an OPTION. You can convert that feature off and have the old app bathroom drawer back. And it will the iPhone type zoom-in graphics flair.
5th you can adjust this vertical and outside spacing of equally portrait and panorama orientation to squeeze in more icons along with widgets if you wish. Also you can turn onoff status tavern change the screen previews mode Sense UI mode or perhaps plain mode.
There are lots of other features that this small review cannot deal with. But the most amazing feature is rate... This launcher is pretty fast. In some cases the App Drawer is possibly faster than TagHome yet not all the time. Its probably as a result of some app details caching.
Problems There are a few. First the widget launching screen is VERY slower. Second it is not that will stable though the newest version seem to have enhanced that.
The latest version supports themes which can be mainly color and minor icon variants. There are many themes inside the AppMarket many are free however some cost money.
NOTE- ADW Launcher Ex-mate cost 3.30 and it has even more drawer styles and desktop changes and stuff.
Pros- a lot of various Urinary incontinence options such as Nexus Froyo along with Samsung improvementsDisadvantages- speed not consistent often slower as compared to stock homeScore- 8.5 beyond 10Verdict- if you do not want app searching this should be THE one to utilise
Download ADW.Launcher from Appbrain
LauncherPro probably gets a most improved award for having MASSIVE changes. The present version bears virtually no resemblance to the experiment with I tried and thus this kind of review is published from scratch.
LauncherPros main strength is speed. It truly is fast. And it supports up to 7 screens or as few as Three. The app cabinet snaps open just like iPhones and zooms with. Scrolling among the screens is silky smooth where there are quite a few other functions.
The dock along the base of screen look similar to Helixlauncher and by fall behind has 4 static shortcuts. However appears to be are deceiving. This dock itself is actually scrollable and can be flipped like the desktop computer screens. You can actually have up to 3 docks. Just about every dock has Your five places for strategies which you can assign for you to anything you wish. Should you use the middle one to launch the app drawer then it looks similar to any other launcher. You can allocate the shortcuts default symbol the LauncherPros gray icons or even any custom symbols you may have on the mobile phone The dock may be set to different backdrops making them more apparent andor further customizing your looks from a tabbed look to bars to obviously any good football field. On top of that the flick up action from the of the dock placements can be mapped to yet another action consequently instead of 15 you really have 30 measures.
The home button may be mapped to different capabilities like open up the particular screen previews toggle app kitchen toggle status bar etc.
You can also save as well as restore the monitors and placements of all of the icons which is only somewhat useful because the layout do not appear to be compatible across different launchers.
Problems You cant config this dock shortcuts quickly. With HelixLauncher or ADWLauncher youll be able to just drag as well as drop the shortcut onto the dock. With LauncherPro you have to long-press the spot in addition to wait for the app listing to pop up subsequently choose the app you desire. There is no theme help but I dont pass up it.
Overall LauncherPro can be a MAJOR improvement over the default home which is my current favourite launcher.
NOTE- LauncherPro has left try out and now has a Settled version called LauncherPro Plus which has several scrollable widgets included plus capability to resize widgets. Most recent version allows this widgets to be styled and can now use Tattoo Packs.
Pros- quick multiple docks thats more useful than Homes powerstripDrawbacks- hard to configure in comparison to others no style supportRating- 8.5 out of 12
Download LauncherPro from Appbrain
Go Launcher Ex
Go Launcher while originally launched appears like a foreign clone of LauncherPro reviewed earlier that has a task manager interpreted back into English. That is understandable as the team is out of China. Nevertheless the most recent version has been totally rewritten and now provides theme support which often puts it a measure ahead of even LauncherPro.
The appdrawer gives a 3 tabbed variation- all recent and running. It has an integrated task manager. Youll be able to kill the apps right from the app cabinet. It supports files and direct app management press and hold an app icon to pop-up a menu While I personally do not not task killers much it is nice to get it right then and there. Also the integrated app director is also very nice.
The idea matches Launcher Pro element for feature. Its got live wallpapers scrollable docks tailor made background for docks world-wide upswipe they call it upglide and downswipe gestures higher power grid density and more.
The particular app has a independent notifier app released independently. Some people are scared on the permissions needed in the key app to read Taletid messages Gmail and so on. Its only to count the messages. This offers the paranoid peace of mind... Dont load this notifier if you are scared of it.
The themes up to now looks pretty good. Most themes cant pores and skin every icon and so the icons clash. GLEs styles added a background on the icons that manufactured the icons right into a button thus your icons dont conflict any more with the concept. Several free styles are now available in addition to surely more is going to be coming soon when the technical specs are released.
Speed is pretty decent on my overclocked Android.
With the addition of themes that will make it a bit more iPhone-like this is now the top option among free Launchers
Benefits- Scrollable dock with 16 shortcuts task supervisor in the app kitchen themes... everythingDownsides- I really cant consider any right nowStatus- 9.5 away from 10Verdict- if youd like themes AND LauncherPro functions this is the app to acquire
Download Go Launcher Ex from Appbrain
PandaHome 2
PandaHome often known as 91PandaHome was for a long as you move the only full presented free Home Replacement Launcher that helps themes. However time has passed it through leaving it mainly a relic of the Android os 1.6 Per 2.01 time. Modern launchers are much far better offers more features and many others.
The built-in theme supervisor is a bit glitchy in downloading new themes. On the other hand it does have many free themes you can obtain and use. And PandaHome nevertheless supports live Picture.
PandaHome does not have the 4 lasting shortcuts in a boat dock. However it does have up to SIX side drawers it is possible to drag onto the tv screen from left and right area where you can place additional shortcuts for easy accessibility. However the style support means your app drawer can be slower. Due to the sluggish speed I can simply give this a good 8.
The problem along with PandaHome themes is its own ThemeSpace selection for themes is thin. They are pretty but not that remarkable. Some are positive low-res. However with some document renaming and the hidden power for the program for you to load local theme documents you can get other theme packs to insert in PandaHome. See the sidebar for details.
The themes are just zipped folders comprising the various icons. You are able to assign new emblems to any existing step-around if you enable the circle menu from the options. Just press-and-hold a new shortcut until the group menu pops up pick out properties icon and select a different icon.
You may also change the text tag font and size a feature I did not see much in other Home Replacements.
Notice- Current Pandahome 2 can be V1.4. Original Pandahome continues to be available. Last tried on 7-SEP-2010
Pros- design support side-pull shortcut storage up to 6 of whichCons- slow some themes are a bit glitchyRating- 8 outside of 10Verdict- initially to support themes nevertheless has been since exceeded
Download 91Pandahome from Appbrain
Home is currently in beta yet even in beta type it is VERY impressive as well as fully functional. Its principal feature is an increased shortcut bar it calls power strip which contains the actual normally used apps just like browser search mobile phone voice search notice and so on in a scrollable pub. The bar also includes the stuff in the notification bar including battery and other status icons as well as datetime all can be turned off. Too bad you cant customize the links but you can turn a number of onoff but all the stuff seem like they belong collectively.
Home also support approximately 7 screens and contains a trick- it lets you do endless scrolling because you can scroll right or left indefinitely. If you go off one side you cover to the other side. You can turn this off if you wish
Its problem is it does NOT help live wallpaper. Youll be able to set it but it is Definitely not displayed. It also isnt going to support themes. Nevertheless it is quite stable and positively one of my best choices. However this course tray is VERY sluggish to come up. You may sort of improve this kind of by turning on Laid back Load but it makes the rest of the system reduced.
Pros- good looking power strip wrap-around scrolling Downsides- no live picture no themes nonetheless in beta may charge later Incredibly slow app compartmentRating- 8 beyond 10
Download Home coming from Appbrain
LG Home
LG Home is a dock of the LG Customized Home App regarding Android. It is very similar in concept for you to TagHome- 4 static techniques at the bottom drag as well as drop to set along with an app drawer with different categories that you can alter. It comes with 4 fall behind categories- Communications Hiburan Applications and Downloading. You can add categories as well as rearrange the apps at any time but the user interface is a bit clumsy.
Ths issue with the app is it is sumo-sized... 14 mb. Most other launchers are only 2-4 Megabytes with lightweight launchers at under 1 MB Yikes The description implies it will just work on LG Optimus or perhaps Samsung Galaxy S however it ran fine on my small overclocked Motorola Droid. And also the performance is decent.
If you have sufficient major memory for this sumo-Home move right ahead.
Advantages- Categories simple build of static strategies pretty fastDownsides- clumsy categorization software way too big in proportions occasional glitchesStatus- 7.5 outside of 10Verdict- Has to go on a diet
Get LG Home through Appbrain
Quick Launch Residence
Quick Launch Home doesnt try to be the particular do-all-end-all Home but rather accomplish what a home iphone app should do well- widgets app launches along with manage the different home screen and it does carry a few interesting suggestions to the table.
Whenever you load it up you observe a big phone button at the bottom which brings up your go delinquent dialer app. To the left lower corner you got the circle which brings up the app drawer as well as the right is the quick launch button. There is a standard on-screen indicator the green tavern that shows which often screen youre about just above the telephone button.
The iphone app drawer has categories. Default is of course all apps. You can categories and increase different apps to categories. By default this drawer scroll by swipe leftright. You can enable swipe updown to change between categories. Therefore one finger function is easy. It also provides enhanced background therefore the apps look a lot more like Vlauncher or iPhone. The proper lower button in app drawer can be used to toggle categories.
The right press button in regular home brings up quick release which can be configured to produce your favorite programs. This home has no fixed shortcuts. Also has a perpetual contact developer share this app and screen manager.
The screen manager are most often the slickest component. Each of the home screens can be taken out or added along with reordered in sequence by way of scrolling. Its pretty slick.
Pros- Pretty good user interface both heavy-weight and iPhone-likeDisadvantages- Not quite THAT slick needs some graphic flairRating- Eight out of 10Conclusion- Just needs a tiny polish
Download Fast Launch Home from Appbrain
Open Home Half-dozen Beta
Open Home once the granddaddy of residence replacement launchers lastly entered the modern age group with version 6 beta. Beta costs nothing as of latest bring up to date.
The look of Open Household 6 have not altered but there are a lot connected with enhancements under the lid. You now have better cross over effects between the diverse screens similar to LiveHome You also get better drawers docks and greatest of all you can still load hundreds of current icon packs along with themes made for preceding versions of Start Home. Otherwise this specific launcher is about the same as the other contenders. Speed-wise... feels unhealthy.
If you have some subjects that you really want by previous versions connected with Open Home or perhaps you you like the two side-buttons regarding OpenHome instead of the other heavy-weight house contenders give Wide open Home 6 an attempt.
NOTE- Open Residence Lite is also the following as the demo though using this type of beta that type is obsolete.
Open up Home 6 beta 6.3
Professionals- full featured got all the stuff compatible with designs and icon packagesCons- doesnt sense quite as speedyScore- 7.5 outside of 10Verdict- If you love Open Home before youll like it. Options never tried it test it out for but I dont see explanation to switch from Head out Launcher EX ADW.Launcher or LauncherPro
Get Open Home Half a dozen from Appbrain
Regina 3D Launcher
Regina 3d images Launcher is a new youngster on the block and it tries to outdo just about EVERYBODY with regard to both customizability AND graphic flair. It also adds a whole bunch of add-ons like climate clock in addition to todo-list with more in the future doubtless. Its a little volatile like ADWLauncher when it very first came out but it shows some promise.
Regina 3D takes the individual screens of a workspace to a new level. In normal Android Launcher the window screens are just different opinions of a larger computers desktop. In Regina each tv screen is a separate workspace. You can set unique wallpaper for each tv screen and even set some other name. Of course you can also put in different icons shortcuts.
Click and hold the tv screen and you can actually Understand the different panes get smaller and goes into a little bit of Coverflow tm like mode.
Regina alone has several widgets add-ons you can down load. Right now you need to obtain the weather to get the area weather prediction to work. Theres a distinct todo if you want a todo list. Appointments is already online.
The particular app crashes quite often but you can Pretty much forgive it.
Worth a try.
Rating- Seven out of 10
Verdict- holds promise
Checkout Regina 3D Launcher on Appbrain

Claystone Launcher
Claystone Launcher provides what they called 3D written content stacks. What it really is... expensive looking screens. Rather than multiple screens next to each other it is instead panels. Youll be able to group panels in to stacks. Switching among solar panels in a stack is only a side-swipe or two aside. Or you can change between stacks through click one of the stacks along the bottom simply just above the 5 stationary shortcuts.
The iphone app has pre-grouped your Nourishes videos music bookmarks and so on. Each pile can contain strategies widgets and so on. In such a way this is like having endless screens... if you need these.
The problem with this launcher will be performance. You need a significant phone to run that. I am using this on the Moto Droid overclocked to just one.2 GHz yet it is STILL unbearably slow most likely due to lack of ram. If you have a good mobile phone it may be worth trying.
Rating- 7 away from 10
Verdict- Contains promise but needs a lot of hardware.
Attempt Claystone Launcher
Light in weight Home Replacements usually are written to have little footprint but still provide a lot of features. If you have a phone with limited memory such as beneath 384MB of RAM you should try one of the lightweight households if you find the full-featured households a bit slow.
TagHome can be a variant of the usual Home but with request tags so you can filter the actual apps based on the tickets.
TagHome is fast. Its got up to 9 way up from 5 in previous versions screens and youll jump to each one straight via a small pub on the top which can be powered down. It has four long term shortcuts at the bottom similar to HelixLauncher. It even helps Live Wallpaper. Even so its real electrical power is hidden inside the app drawer.
As soon as you open the app drawer youll find all of the program listed yet youll also find a series of tag filters along the bottom. Initially just one or two built-in apps like the Search engines stuff are labeled. However its pretty each to pick applications you want to be tagged with something else. In many ways this is like having Practical application Organizer function built into the app kitchen. It it has something even better than practical application drawer- ability to define sort order. You can assign certain apps a higher priority level to make sure they show up first. In no way go scrolling through your listing again to find your preferred app You can add along with sort the labels whenever you want. This is very very helpful if you have like 100 diverse programs and have not enough space to put them all within the home screens.
You can also fit one of the tags on the desktop as a folder to access individuals programs directly.
Most recent version even added a way to HIDE particular programs from the app drawer like for your system stuff you shouldnt run like TalkBack Image Packs theme bags live wallpapers and the like.
Too bad it doesnt perform themes or this may have rated a In search of.5.
NOTE- TagHome not long ago launched a Froyo Android 2.2 merely variant.
Pros- fast up to 9 screens static shortcuts Along with tags Cons- virtually no theme support Ranking- 9 out of 10 Verdict- if you want pace AND utility obtain TagHome
Download Tag House for Android 2.2 from Appbrain Only two.0 and One.6 version also available.

Zeam is yet another variant for the regular Home. The prior version is quick but has nothing which makes it stand out other than pace and was missing a great deal of features. Version 2.Zero however has changed that. It is now a full launcher substitute. However it is also simply for Android 2.3 or later.
This screenshots show that the dock doesnt have a less than 5 techniques and the app kitchen trigger which is a ton. What it does NOT present is that the dock is actually scrollable. Thats right you can add EVEN MORE shortcuts to it along with edit it move it left and right get rid of it... And it supports drag-n-set... Just drag a shortcut to the pier bar and bam Youre set.
Its got the flick upwards and flick lower swipe actions so you never actually need to have notification bar or rank bar showing The flick actions could toggle that and more.
Reside Wallpaper support may be added. Max displays has been reduced to be able to 7 but you probably will not miss it. Also this is one of the tiniest home apps at under 500KB
And it has not gotten any reduced. If you want a FAST launcher supply Zeam a try.
NOTE- Zeam 2.8.6 tested on 3-JAN-2011
Pros- quick scrollable dock tiny impactCons- no theme supportRating- Seven out of 10Judgement- still needs something really special to stand out
Download Zeam coming from Appbrain
FastHome takes the speediest approach of all- almost all text no icons no graphics. Youll find only 7 alternatives on screen to the regular functions no configuration at all. So of course it is fast.
But there are no widgets virtually no wallpaper nothing.
In truth when I try to reach pop up an app list it appear to have went into the infinite loop.
It really is interesting alternative for just a lightweight home but with Zeam along with Taghome available this purely makes you give up too much.
Rating- 3 from 10
Verdict- if your phones on life support this may aid... a little.
Download FastHome by means of Appbrain
SmartLauncher by Lucas Yan tries to end up being lightweight but as a result of apparently inefficient computer programming it is slow because heck. It does not also do shortcuts or even widgets. it squishes wall papers into a single screen so almost all wall papers look funny. The particular app drawer demonstrates apps in series similar to Windows Cell phone 7 style. Nonetheless the app cabinet is slow since heck takes a few moments for it to whirl up. That is too slow to be adequate behavior. Two set shortcuts brings up dialer and browser the browser button looks nothing like browser or web.
Sorry nevertheless this thing aint prepared for prime time. It gives up an excessive amount for no get.
Rating- 3 away from 10
See Appbrain entry for SmartLauncher
Helix Launcher
HeliLauncher 1 is back in Android Industry. Beware it is with regard to Android OS 2.Just one only.
One of my favorite features HelixLauncher supports up to 7 screens and dwell wallpaper. However it doesnt support themes. The main feature could be the 4 permanent techniques two on either side of the app cabinet trigger that it calls a dock. You can designate almost anything to it through simple drag-and-drop. It is generally. It is also fully-featured and NOT a lite version. It is practically as fast as the default home app. If youd prefer speed but still would like more features it is highly recommended.
Pros- up to Several screens 4 permanent shortcutsCons- simply no theme supportStanding- 8.5 outside of 10
The application which only runs on Android 2.1 and earlier are most often back it was earlier removed and has been documented as removed by simply AndroLib
Nemus Launcher
Nemus Launcher from the folks who introduced you the VERY eye-candy-ish Regina 3 dimensional launcher is the opposite of Regina. It can be light weight just over One particular MB yet rather nicely featured. Nevertheless its various restrictions makes this a very niche choice.
Nemus Launcher provided a very good impression- that feels quite clever with very smooth scrolling. It has a good looking dock which can be configured by straightforward drag and decline. Just drop an icon onto the dock in addition to voila thats it. The icons are also full sized not shrunken version similar to other launchers.
It also inform you the app kitchen is getting refreshed with a the spinning circle behind it. This app drawer is also improved- it can be used to handle running apps and also a shortcut to Manage Apps alternative under settings Per applications. The iphone app drawer can be shown in two styles the standard vertical list and the Samsung style side paged style.
The screens sections on the desktop can easily number from 3 to 9. Theres a good edit screen that permits you to easily adjust your order add more panels take out panels and so on.
Its folder support can be impressive... Basically taking the iOS style directory management. Just get one shortcut on another to make a folder. It doesnt have organizing or starred favorite adding.
However theres a couple of problems. First of all this specific app is picture layout ONLY. It does not go into landscape mode At any time. It does NOT react to orientation sensor. Second it can be somewhat crash pleased at least on my OG Android. Ive seen it FC quite a few times even as The year progresses into and out of settings. Third it can be virtually undocumented. There is no experience of app on the NemusTech homepage in fact the whole webpage is in Korean.
All in all Nemus Launcher is a smooth launcher that may be pretty good if you stay in portrait modemost of the time. It makes folders extremely effortless. Indicator on the app drawer to let you know it is refreshing is also very neat. On the other hand simply no landscape and periodic FC makes this launcher a tad niche for me.
7 out of 10
Obtain Nemus Launcher through Appbrain

Microsoft windows Phone 7 Style
Windows Phone 6 from Microsoft will be brand new rewrite connected with Windows Mobile 6.5 with a brand new interface named Metro UI. With the openness of Android OS various Home Launchers have seemed to emulate that model.
Simple Home lite
This Simple Home is completely different from the Simple Home that is no longer available. As a substitute this is a hybrid involving Windows Phone 8 Metro UI screen and native Android operating system Launcher. The tiles are now standard Android icons albeit blown up a bit. Toogles for WiFi and Bluetooth as well as access to volume app drawer etc are along the remaining edge.
The software drawer is rapid in a list format. To make the blog show on the front the large icons just favorite it undo the widely accepted to remove. It is so easy. If you have like A hundred apps like I the scrolling can be a little excessive but incorporating apps to the front isnt going to significantly impact your performance of the launcher should see. The settings tattoo are at the bottom of each options screen as soon as applicable sometimes a couple of sort of options are available.
For those who dont want the full blown Launcher 7 see earlier mentioned Simple Home could offer the perfect combination of single screen launcher And also Android utility. My only objection is definitely... no widgets. ARGH
Ranking- 7 out of Ten
Check out Simple House lite on Appbrain
Microsoft windows Phone Android En aning
Windows Phone Android Lite is the en aning version of Microsoft windows Phone Android simply the Windows Phone 7 MetroUI launcher for Android operating system.
When you first start the property youre faced with a BLANK screen. Also it will take SEVERAL SECONDS for your blank screen to indicate. It is horribly slow. You press the best arrow to go to the other 50 which will take several seconds which is the same as app drawer in Android. Carry down an practical application to pin it towards the start screen while using icon.
The Notice Bar also is likewise glitchy on my Droid using Cyanogen Mod 6.1 with all the black theme loaded. The very best bar is completely cannot be seen. I cant see ANY from the icons like indicate strength. Nada. The top of screen is all dark-colored unlike the monitor shot on the right. Your experience may vary.
Perhaps the biggest issue with this home substitution is it doesnt assist you to replace the built-in icons. The white designs you see in the photo are only for specific apps that it recognizes. For all other apps the regular color icons are used. It really needs to be able to use the Launcher Pro Emblems
Performance is horrid shifting between displays and pinning something to get started on screen. Each will take several seconds. Ive got a Moto Droid overclocked to just one.1 GHz as well as running Cyanogen Mod 6.Just one with 160 Megabytes free and it still takes several just a few seconds to shift between your screens. There is also virtually no widgets and of course zero live wallpaper. Actually theres not even a frequent wallpaper.
Sorry yet this is not ready for prime time. This is like an alpha edition not even a try out.
Pros- Cute emulation connected with Windows Phone Several launcherCons- Horrible efficiency no widgets simply no wallpaper no power to assign icons...Ranking- 3 out of 12Verdict- needs a significant rewrite
You may also would like to look at ZuneHome a paid app that looks like the Zune menu look
Download Microsoft windows Phone Android Lite from Appbrain

Metro UI Beta
Metro Urinary incontinence from a different team of developers is yet another attempt to obtain the Windows Phone 6 look on Android mobile phone and this one is successful a bit better than Windows Phone Android.
Once you begin there is NOTHING on screen. Usually do not panic. This is regular since you have NO programs pinned. Click on the right arrow and youll be in the app list equivalent of application drawer in Android operating system. Scroll down to discover an app you want to pin then lock-click that to pin it inside other screen. Duplicate as needed. Click on the left arrow to flip back.
The issue with this is you cant customize the pinned app after you pinned it. In fact you cant even unpin the practical application once youve pinned it. it can be more of an Leader instead of beta
For a few of the apps you possibly can make it display a new count unread SMS unread Googlemail etc. and you can personalize title and there are a few white symbols you can pick pertaining to customized but there arent enough of them. They need to admittance the LauncherProIcons website
Overall this is a good attempt but it is not ready however for prime time period.
Pros- Much faster compared to Windows Phone Android operating systemCons- Half of you will are missingStanding- 6 out of 12Verdict- keep waiting
Download Metro Urinary incontinence Beta from Appbrain
Launcher 8
Wow there guaranteed are a lot of these Windows Phone 7 imitations out there for Google android and heres a different one. This one is actually fairly good with the control keys looking right. There are also a bit of good animations and proper qualification. Id say this is the best WP7 clone launcher in existence so far.
Pros- Excellent animation allows custom made tilesCons- Needs a bit of performance improveRating- 7 out of 10
See Appbrain Listing on Launcher 7
iPhone-Style homes emulate the particular Apple-iOS style launcher... The display has everything without widgets. Some created some accommodations pertaining to widgets or just copied the style but not completely emulation. If you come from the apple iphone side you may be fascinating in some of these properties.
iHome a.k.some sort of. 91iHome
91iHome or just iHome is an unusual program. Instead of restricting you to X number of workspaces or desktop displays it actually has unrestricted number of workspaces. It developed screens until the item filled EVERY single method I had loaded on the desktop. As a result its slow as molasses in the event it first launches. Conversely it also eliminated the need for the app drawer. Or in other words you are actually looking at the application drawer by default.
It offers 3 static cutting corners in the bottom permanently established to browser connections and settings. Also you can hit the look for key which will mention T-9 style filters to help you find the apps quicker. It does not support styles and does NOT support are living wallpaper. While exciting ultimately it is a bit also different.
Pros- shows all programs automatically good filter Drawbacks- no theme simply no live wallpaper slower as heck cant change shortcuts Rating- 7 out of Ten Verdict- it attempts but its just a bit not quick enough to be useful
Acquire iHome from Appbrain
vLauncher is VERY just like iHome in that it fundamentally takes the i phone launcher idea to the Android os. Instead of desktop and also app drawer there exists only multi-pane desktop. That they added a pane or two with regard to widgets configurable and 4 static shortcuts but there is no doubt this is exact same idea as iHome.
The condition with this approach is same as ihome... If you have similar to 100 plus apps you will have way too many displays to scroll via. Fine if you have not many dozen apps nevertheless doesnt work when you have a lot more than 50 much less 100-150 programs.
Best launcher Not even in close proximity.
Pros- shows many programs by default widget panelsCons- no filter no topic slow as bejesusRating- 6 from 10Verdict- less useful than iHome with no filter and such
Receive vLauncher from AppBrain

My Home totally free 1.99
My Home Per My Home Lite is an additional home launcher. This one efforts to go iOS like simply by introducing a VERY iOS folder implementation... Drag 1 app onto a different app to make a folder then folder inside a folder and so on. It also has the horizontal scrolling and no app drawer. Newest version is up to One particular.6 as of this check 1.2 merely crashes. There is one screen just for widgets then the rest concentrate on all the apps. As pointed out above if you have like 100 software this takes permanently.
Overall reaction is a bit of meh. Vlauncher seem to do the job a lot better.
I can offer this a 6.Five for now.
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This is all the oddballs. They either use a certain special attribute that is really strange or they just dont work THAT well or are so limited.
Real Breeze Launcher free paid for
Previous version of this launcher seem to work on my own OG Droid but the most recent revision 1.2.40 just lock-ups upon launch.
Check this out Gizmodo review and see should it be up your alley. It sounds including its a combination of iOS-like launcher along with kite this pop-up anywhere launcher.

LiveHome is yet another home replacement along with a branch off ADWLauncher. It appears initially very close to ADWLauncher however adds built-in support into a theme purchase section an undertaking manager a background browser downloader plus some other eye candy features. However you can find ads in many in the configuration screens which may be annoying.
Theme service seem to be more quite a few now even free types.
The task manager appear to be functional and looks like a junior version involving ATK. However the handles are VERY jittery. You can pick apps to help kill and thats it.
The wallpaper internet browser is functional there is however no search zero categories. If you enjoy checking screen after screen of randomly structured wallpapers it may be regarding some use.
LiveHome may add a few exciting features to ADW.Launcher- computers desktop screen transitions -- rather than sliding over now you can choose things like book webpage flip cube rotate page slide and so on. Also this really is disabled with Live Wallpaper and never defined. filters in the iphone app drawer -- you can use a filtration system A-C D-F etc. in the iphone app drawer if you find the app drawer too large to scroll by means of. Thats in the upper bar inside the app drawer.
There is something about touch-ups icons but I didnt figured out how to use the idea yet.
However additionally it lost the Nexus One-style dots to suggest the leftright screens renaming to be able to add two a lot more static shortcuts to left and right and some of the other minor functions from ADW.Launcher.
Overall LiveHome looks like its a very half-hearted attempt to take advantage of the open source rule of ADW.Launcher by getting married to it to some functions without true plug-in or usability. I want to like it but I can not.
Pros- theme downloader form of wallpaper downloader sort of task killer barely filtered software drawer some more eyesight candyCons- the revolutionary features are not really usable or integrated of which well ads in a few config screensRating- Seven.5 out of 12 for effort definitely not for function
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Ks Launcher
Ks Launcher is an strange duck indeed. It truely does work off lists as well as filters. If you consider the screenshot you have lists like running programs running services frequency most frequently used and so on. The Cost-free version allows One particular user label the full version allows more.
This also has seek notification and other buttons below and chart of storage Ram memory and so on at the top. As well as the transparency is elective you can turn of which off.
Its an exciting alternate approach to launchers. This one is somewhere between any traditional launcher shortcuts and icons and a true alternative launcher and that is all functional. This one is basically filter only sort of improved upon app drawer. if you constantly need different filters to the apps this could be good. However We honestly dont see excessive use for this. Plainly want a group of blog easily accessible Id place them as as techniques on one of the displays.
You may get more utilize out of it if you need these kinds of functions.
Pros- Intriguing approach to app itemizing... all filtersNegatives- no widgets zero wallpaper only one customized label filter within free versionStanding- 7 out of 12Verdict- Either youre keen on it or you detest it
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SweeterHome currently in beta 991 is an odd goose indeed. It represents a totally different strategy for using or modifying a launcher. The result is both amazing and frustrating.
First of all SweeterHome is NOT available in the Android Market. To get it you have to obtain from their website and in addition they do have versions with regard to older Android OS including 1.5 in addition to 1.6 in addition to 2.0 and later. Second you have to do the installation yourself with a neighborhood installer program for instance yInstaller and you have to enable the actual run non-approved programs in the system settings to allow local adds. If you dont know what this means please see their website. 3 rd you will want to registered for any free account make use of the app observing but well reveal that later.
As soon as you install it you find until this program is Bizarre as it shifts the design of home screens completely off of the normal Android OS standard. Instead of sideways scroll which is an imitation of iPhone OS you now have a main desktop AND one extra screen up down still left right for a total of A few. And yes you flick your current screen up down quit right. It is both liberating as well as frustrating at the same time because not all themes use the extra screens and you also cant turn off the additional screens if they are certainly not in use.
The program additionally features app tag syncing which is a community-based app categorizer. In TagHome in addition to AppOrganizer you define your own labels and you sort out the apps on your own. In SweeterHome the user group probably did most of it for you. Therefore the different categories wouldve your apps by now sorted under several tags. And you can often add your own or maybe update the tag cloud yourself. However the best way do you update the tags is virtually undocumented.
Another feature regarding SweeterHome is called SpringBoards which basically are pop-up layers in just a workspace. A contacts springboard can contain all your acquaintances customized to the themeskin and only visible when you click on the the icon that creates it. Click on an additional trigger on the same monitor and you get a unique springboard maybe SMS get in touch with log and so on. So they are extensions to the same screen. Nearly all theme designers use them like tabbed spaces with a tray at the bottom containing the different functions to pop-up. Your springboards themselves can incorporate widgets and cutting corners in addition to other stuff. Its really a little hard to identify and again virtually undocumented.
SweeterHome also does styles and it does it in a very interesting manner. The themes are neighborhood based that is expected. However it also embeds all your apps as well as widgets that you included in the theme and this is yet another both strong and frustrating feature. Zero the skin doesnt take your apps and widgets. But it really does remember them all. If you customize a theme and also share it using the community the person who download the theme will be prompted to down load the matching widget or to substitute one more in its place. Because widget sizes arent always labeled it is a problem.
For example lets imagine the widget calls for Pure Calendar 4x3 which is a paid widget. You dont own a license because of this widget. You can choose a different 4x3 calendar such as Android Agenda gadget 4x3 or CalWiz 4x3 both are totally free but only if you currently have it downloaded. It truly is nice enough to incorporate a Market Search for anyone but it is somewhat frustrating esp. if the theme stood a LOT of widgets. Additionally lets say you unintentionally picked the WRONG golf widget... NOW you have a problem. As opposed to the simple removal course of action- long-press then drag for you to trash you have to call up the edit setting which is virtually undocumented in addition to nearly impossible to use. Not even the website will help you normally indicate as the Wiki documentation is very sparse.This Springboards are in layers plus edit mode identifying the layers for you to edit them singularly is virtually difficult without some considerable practice.
The software shortcuts are the same way except they wont actually let you substitute something else entirely. There is no choice to get rid of or substitute your shortcut for another thing. Your choices are to sometimes leave that there or even download that app from the App Market which is not always useful. I admit I merely spent a few hours by using it so I may not have observed all its features yet SweeterHome appears to NO LONGER riding time shortcuts and icons the normal way by a long-press next pick what you want included. EVERYTHING about personalization is done via the revise mode and because it isnt documented it is extremely annoying.
Furthermore themes meant to line up perfectly for one phone becomes not used on a different mobile phone. Themes designed for 320x240 are usually a off about 800x480 and so on. You also can not turn off landscape mode while not all themes assist it.
The design collection are server-based along with allows rating and the like. And some of the styles are nice in addition to shows some severe imagination. Unfortunately the majority are rather unpolished do not use the multiple screens effectively and can not fasten off the extra projection screens or adjust to unique resolutions.
Speed regarding SweeterHome is... debatable. Regular operations within the SweeterHome itself is pretty good. Its entering and out of blog that causes severe slowdowns together with the screen going blackblank for approximately a minute at a time. When my Droid merely did a full intelligent reboot when I accessed something.
SweeterHome shows critical promise to change your entire game of Home substitution apps and style support but at the moment customizing it to fit YOUR preferences is just too a pain due to undocumented edit mode and a lot of not whole features.
Pros- many amazing UI 4-way personal computers community app tagging theme supportDrawbacks- themes customization is definitely undocumented some performance and also stability issuesRating- 6.5 away from 10 Verdict- Shows promise but severely needs documentation and editing tools
Notice- Only available from their home site latest try out is release 991 at the time of December 2010
Android operating system Seven Lite
Android os Seven Lite converts your Android mobile phone or tablet into a fair emulation of Glass windows 7. Not your Windows Phone 6 i.e. Town you live UI but the one which runs on laptop as well as desktop.
A lot of the material goes into emulating the actual Windows Explorer program and its impressive when a little rough but thats expected.
Pros- Common interface quite a bit of energyCons- Performance is a touch slowRating- Several out of 10
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Companion for you to All Apps Organizer its basically like LG Property except its split up into 2 independent apps without a configurable pier but rather a plain Froyo connect stuck with just phone and browser shortcuts.
The idea could be the AAO.Launcher app drawer option launches All Software Organizer instead of the standard app drawer. The improved app drawer demonstrates categories. The problem is the first startup is Unbelievably slow... takes just like 12 seconds to help pop up. The standard categories are Online game Tool Multimedia Cell phone and none. You can manage the categories as well as move the programs but the process will be horribly slow since you cant do batch moves.
Two software together takes up above 1 MB.
In case you actually need your iphone app drawer organized Id recommend TagHome above underneath lightweight instead of this one.
Pros- Organized App bathroom drawerCons- Otherwise just a plain Froyo launcher slow since heck at startupRating- 6.5 out of 10Consensus- Needs a major rate boost
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NOTE- You must get BOTH for this to be effective

While only claims compatibility with Android os 2.1 that home actually extends fine on Android os 2.2. Its a simpler version involving PandaHome... supports themes yet not the side drawers. Basically this is just the regular launcher along with theme support little else.
Pros- Simple and fast themes or templatesCons- No reside wallpaper Rating- 6 out of 10Verdict- Why when there exists PandaHome and others
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NOTE- Appbrain consider this a suspect spam app
Mr. Residence Better ADW
Mr. Residence is a fork over ADW.Launcher open source. In fact inside settings it still states ADW.Settings. Like LiveHome it possesses a great few transition consequences and a few other optimizations or another interface tweaks that is certainly about it. Why use this kind of when you can have the real thing
Rating- 5.A few out of 10
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Netfront Life Screen 2.0
Netfront Life Monitor recently updated to 2.0. It statements to be faster and now have Evernote integration. It is basically half launcher 50 percent SlideScreen see below intended for one-hand operation. It has 2 halves- left and right.
Suitable half is the mental faculties of the outfit. It possesses a top and a underside section. The bottom 50 on both left and right facets is a customized magic formula ring that you can drop blog onto. You can rotate the actual ring with the usb only. Once you acquired the right app several choice will pop-up over it. For cell phone itll be call sign. For contacts it might be contacts. For Evernote you have notes. For Twitter you got the walls. And so on. You can also area now up to several widgets on this monitor subject to space readily available 4x1
On the left 50 percent the bottom is still the ring as the top is a cube which is like your app kitchen in a better demonstration. It is just like a regular practical application launcher.
The main problem with this home will be speed. It takes 10-seconds to reload on its own after using any kind of app such as building a call and that is only RIDICULOUS. You may have better luck with it on a better phone compared to mine but using a Motorola Droid overclocked it is simply ridiculously slow.
Professionals- Cool presentation one-handed besides one finger operationCons- slow as molasses on older mobile phonesRating- 7 beyond 10Verdict- needs some serious rate training
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Slidescreen is really a dual purpose software... It can be used as a separate app or a home replacement. It fundamentally integrates all your emails into a single display- your voicemail SMS gMail Google Work schedule datetimeweather RSS feed through Yahoo and google Reader Facebook Stock watch and Twitter. yes all that matches on a single screen. This fonts are a tad small but they complete all fit. Youll be able to turn some products off to make additional room.
You can also get the central pub with clockweatheretc. up or down to create more room web hosting message voicemail gMail vs. public data Twitter facebook Yahoo and google Reader... or toggle maximized opinions.
As an app launcher SlideScreen is a bit lacking as it doesnt have any onscreen icons that you should click on or just about any widgets. Instead it allow you to pop up this app drawer through hitting the menu key and you can designate plans to one of the Eight quick launch areas on the top of app bathroom drawer. If it is running for an app then it will not have an app launcher.
The conventional version has an ad bar at the bottom that will reminds you to choose the Pro version. Nonetheless the app will be fully functional and does not otherwise nag you.
SlideScreen does NOT service Live Wallpaper or perhaps themes but then it is not supposed to. it also doesnt support other e-mail thereby limits its performance for those with numerous e-mail accounts.
If you want a single screen to show every thing this would be the one make use of. And you can use it being an app leaving ones normal home application alone.
Pro- bundled all in one screen use as app or home replacementDisadvantage- no more desktop and thus no widgets simply no icons no wallpapers and and no design only gMail and no other small nag advertisement app launcher only so-soStatus- 8 out of 12
NOTE- PAID model available.
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Spark there is an asterisk in front of it but from now on Let me just call it Spark is similar idea to Slidescreen but with a little more aesthetic flair.
Basically it becomes an integrated wall called dashboard in the app of various updates like weather media social network Facebook Twitting and so on. Theres a deals part as well and a portion for frequently used blog sort of a shortcut in their mind you can consider as a dock. You will find theres traditional dock in the bottoom brings up browser cellphone and app kitchen.
There seems to be virtually no financial updates no supply watch nor any sort of RSS feed reader. On the other hand it does allow qualifications. The news segment are most often selective as to what it is going to read from. Industry description claims to read AP Skynews and more. I am unable to get it to display anything other than AP and sometimes only breaking information nothing else. At other times I can pick specific emphasis areas or any other media feeds. There is no config whatsoever for news.
Start-up speed is horrendous. Once I load the actual app it takes 10-20 just a few seconds for the items to insert. Once loaded the performance is respectable.
You can load this either as practical application or as property replacement like Slidescreen. Exercise find this too slower to be useful. The experience may vary.
Advantages- integrated mostly far better looks than Slidescreen generallyCons- slow to be a snail segments need a lot more customization such as news finance etc. Simply no mail or skipped call support and other indicatorsRating- Several out of 10
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KustHome beta
KustHome appears to be good allows some very good themes however takes a long time to help load up.
This home presents ability to totally renovation the interface actually needs you to enable it as an supply aid as it reroutes each of the notifications into a independent screen area. Diverse themes can proceed the status around up down and many others.
Seems to have been made with a GSM phone since it was not able to go through CDMA signal meter usually shows no signal. Does not support live wallpaper.
It really is interesting but not that will useful.
Pros- capacity to do some serious theming for example total relocation of all of the indicators even the notice areaCons- zero live wallpaper assist and other modern functions slow to reinitializeScore- 6.5 beyond 10Verdict- Needs some serious improvements
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Crazy Home Lite 2
Crazy Home is a different theme-capable home replacement that features a cute feature... Approximately 3 desktops with 5 panelsscreens each. Siimply swipe updown to trade desktops. In fact each desktop can have its own style loaded. The fall behind one have brilliant day overcast as well as night views of the same cityscape picture as wallpaper and it looks really good but it takes a Considerable amount of time to setup themes to do something that sophisticated.
The item claims to support the majority of theme packs for other Home Launcher Substitutions. This was not screened as there are too many of these to test. Previous edition does not support reside wallpaper though this particular version does. In addition they included some quite pretty analog alarm clocks and people who are exciting can go to the website and learn how to make his or her.
Surprisingly this Household Launcher runs quite acceptably with OG Droid though it really does FC every once in a while.
General this is a niche product... if you need that many personal computers give it a try. You may enjoy it
Pros- supports design and 3 desktops of 5 various panels eachDrawbacks- have no other major features. Ratings- 8.5 out of 10Verdict- do you really need Three or more desktops
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MyLauncher coming from Morgoo seem to be a just one more LauncherPro clone and this one is not quite finished. Their list of faults is quite long and its exclusive features virtually none
Interesting features... It features a few app drawer called app list transitions plus it feels pretty rapid. And it has number on the watchs screen indicator which display youre on. In addition to that there really isnt really much.
As for the problems... The list is quite extended. It promises themes or templates see the Appbrain description but its not yet delivered. We have a scene feature but its certainly not active or noted. There is also no manual to explain any of the functions. Theres a few transitions between screens but its not implemented which well LiveHome does it much better.The dock only has Four shortcuts TOTAL and glued to default dialer contacts Gmail and app drawer. Doesnt necessarily even support landscaping rotation or live wallpapers. Even the phrase preferences is misspelled.
Frankly only want a Home Launcher that is certainly small and fast I might be using something like TagHome or Zeam This would be the last thing via my mind. This is an alpha not beta.
MyLauncher by means of Morgoo
Pros- SpeedDownsides- Just about everything else also HelixLauncher is better than thisRanking- 4 out of 10Verdict- There are superior choices available.
Link to MyLauncher on Appbrain

SimpleHome no living space has no major attributes except a huge make some sort of call button on top. You can shortcuts to certain figures no apps on screen at all. No icons. Not even live background. Argh If I want to make a phone call I would use the dialer
Pros- Clean interfaceCons- Everything elseStanding- 2 out of 10Verdict- Use something else
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Homescreen 3 dimensional free
Homescreen 3D spins your individual app symbols into 3D ice that slowly turn and pop up in addition to down in Animations.
While it looks awesome it has no gadget support and in essence looks great however doesnt work that nicely.
Pros- Looks excellentCons- Doesnt work of which well in practice unproductive no widgets...Rating- 6 out of TwelveVerdict- Work in improvement all eye sweets not filling by any means
Download Homescreen 3D Exempt from Appbrain
NOTE- Paid model available
KeeWorld Home En aning
KeeWorld Home Lite can be another themed launcher is organized close to function instead of cutting corners. The 4 corners turn up different uses just like Music Mail Messages Pictures and Apps.
In practice this specific feels like an artsy version of Slidescreen that appears cute but senses a lot less functional. Your home app just doesnt feel snappy by any means quite sluggish in fact on my overclocked to 1 GHz Moto Droid.
Youll be able to download a lot of different subjects for it but obviously its only for the whole version and for an Android app the total version is rather costly.
All in all KeeWorld appears to be a good acquired taste. I know found other property apps to be much more useful or more satisfying.
KeeWorld Home Lite
Advantages- Looks cute data centric as an alternative to app centric viewNegatives- Slow not quite as successful waste of screenspaceStatus- 6.5 away from 10Verdict- remedy with eye sweet looking for a problem
Down load Keeworld Home Lite coming from Appbrain
NOTE- Appbrain has determined that Keeworld may be a spam app
Launcher is sort of a proof of concept because it is just the regular Household launcher with support with regard to scrollable and animated widgets. Otherwise it is similar to the regular Home.
It wont really have anything to advocate it.
Pro- Basic stable fastDisadvantage- Nothing special possiblyRating- 5.Five out of 10Judgement- proof of concept nothing at all stands out
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dxTop Lite
Probably what exactly inspired Sweeterhome dxTop is the very first Home replacement to be able to feature the 5 screens in a compass i.elizabeth. diamond updownleftrightcenter pattern instead of just leftright. Its dock place has 3 docks thats scrollable phone dock- app kitchen and 2 shortcuts which youll want to point to a set of predetermined functions such as SMS Gmail Phone etc. shortcut dock- 5 various shortcuts to any iphone app you want task pier- app drawer along with task manager demonstrating recent apps running apps and background services
It does service live wallpapers. its supposed to support themes however i cant seem to download just about any. Any of the get more...Inches links points to the website but simply click theme or Dwell Wallpaper does practically nothing.
Overall dxTop Lite is a bit more of a novelty object than offers authentic advantages over a usual home replacement. The diamond pattern to the screens does not manage to offer any benefits of the side-to-side pattern apart from one stroke much less to switch.
NOTE- Lite version has promotions.
Pros- diamondcompass pattern of screensCons- practically nothing special other than this pattern of displaysRating- 7 from 10Verdict- intriguing but it really has a single trick nothing else
EDIT- I got the pro version free from Amazons No cost App of the Day however didnt see any major difference between the En aning and the Pro designs. This review is an acronym.
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Open Gesture En aning
Open Gesture En aning should be termed some sort of demo and a extremely annoying one as well. That is a pity given it actually does have many very impressive features and it is fundamentally different from other home replacement programs.
As you can guess by simply its name OG attributes launching via motions. Press a button to make up gesture method and then draw some sort of gesture on the screen and also the gesture will kick off apps. The Lite version is limited for you to preset apps and preset gestures merely but the result is even now impressive.
The problem is the actual app also posseses an ad bar within the home screen on top and a nag screen that implores someone to get the pro type and get many more functions.
The pro version is supposed to include capabilities such as custom celebrities custom fonts gesture area widget absolutely no button to launch the actual draw area and the like. The nag screen begin whenever you start your app. So if you are screening various home alternatives youll see it repeatedly.
It also does NOT assistance live wallpaper or does it accept styles.
As a demo it is impressive. As a accurate home replacement Available Gesture Lite is less impressive.The particular developer should drop the ad plus the nag screen only show it once in addition to hide the register me personally to get better features emails in the config screen including only available in pro version.
Seasoned- gesture launching Amazing Con- no design no live background very annoying advertisement bar and nag display screenRating- 6 outside of 10
NOTE- Paid out version available.
Wide open Home - Lite
Open Home - Lite is the lite version of Open Home one of the granddaddies of residence replacement app. Your lite version helps themes and it is rather fast but thats this.
It has two on-screen shotcuts. Your search button is on the left fringe of screen in the middle. The best side middle incorporates a pop-up tray that contains four of the most used capabilities. However no solution can be found for personalization.
Open Home Lite does NOT support live wallpaper and it wont accept the existing widgets on my Motorola Android running Android 2.1. Only about three widgets are available while there should be at least 24. There is also a nag message on the top of the screen that will reminds you this is a lite version.
With availability of PandaHome Open Home Lite is useless and cannot be recommended.
Pros- Supports themesCons- no live background no widgets nag communicationRating- 3 away from 10
NOTE- Paid for version available see Open Home 6 Beta review sooner.
Balancer Launcher
Balancer Launcher claims to be a full-featured launcher comparable to LauncherPro or ADW.Launcher. However considerable use shows that this specific launcher really has nothing exclusive to it at all. They have the horizontally scrolling iphone app drawer and a few tweaks but otherwise it is just a pretty plain launcher.
Standing- 6.5 outside of 10
Link to Balancer Launcher with Appbrain

MxHome Launcher
MxHome is one of the largest residence launchers ever reviewed on 7MB APK size. Only Kenmore Home beat it in terms of APK size with 16MB. After trying it for a few days I cannot uncover any really excellent features. It is quite even and it is theme agreeable of its own formatting. It has a sliding display that can be opened from the home page similar to Pandahomes side drawers yet full screen. Even so all the items on the slipping shelf are pre-defined as well as un-customizable. There seem to be a number of 3D icon animated graphics but nothing really noticeable.
Overall the house launcher is reminiscent vLauncher or maybe similar iPhone launchers acquiring only 4 shortcuts at the bottom with major square icons. It wont feel that special truthful. The themes are generally about 4 MB each. I honestly do not see why you would use this specific Home Launcher over other folks.
Rating- 6.5 of 10Benefits- Smooth nice cell themes that cover a whole lotCons- too large in size limited themes accessible
Link to MxHome Launcher on Appbrain

Home17 and Home35 and Home90
This is the plain home launcher albeit expanded to allow not just 6 screens but Teen screens. The guy also has two more variations giving up up to 30 screens... and Ninety screens. Eeek Whats specific It has a clock upon every page various designs.
Other than your clocks and ridiculously amount of home screens there exists really nothing specific about this home launcher as well as its cousins.
Rating- Some out of 10Positives- Amazing amount of home screensCons- Why can you need that many
Link to Home17 on Appbrain

QQ Desktop Expert
NOTE- QQ Desktop Master is a Chinese iphone app and all menus will be in Chinese. You may not want to use this unless you read Chinese.
At 1.7MB QQ Desktop is not precisely lightweight but it provides quite respectable performance. The app cabinet caching is a little slow nonetheless it has some useful widgets including a task fantastic free memory gadget that also shows memory freeused. While task eradicating doesnt really do anything in Froyo and later indicating no cost memory may give you a concept how congested your Android device will be.
The 4-shortcut dock has a fixed background virtually no switching possible. All the icons have this background to it making it stand out a bit more. You can just drag as well as drop icons to restore the ones on the dock. The scrolling is very clean and the various computers desktop screens can be easily modified. App drawer had been changed to include seek and download for you to QQs own appstore in Chinese language of course.
Config is minimal but it does have a few transitional effects which can be rather cute.
In general QQ Desktop Pro is not a bad launcher but its not really a particularly good one sometimes. It offers some useful features but largely eye candy broke and alone really special propose it over its various competitors.
Check out QQ Desktop Pro on Appbrain

MAGIC the Launcher SD
Secret the Launcher SD English is really a Japanese attempt at fast home launcher. By foregoing All that can slow issues down including are living wallpapers and icons this home substitution is indeed fast at under 1MB it does qualify as lightweight. Yet has attention candy like page-flip transitions. It also has a number of interesting tricks similar to wave distortion of background which does NOT reduce the front page flips.
Within the negative side the app drawer is quite slow-moving and the list see is not sortable seem to be throughout physical order definitely not alpha so you search through a lot more area to get to your software as you look for all of them. Also the docks history has only 3 selections and they are pretty darn understated.
Overall MAGIC the actual launcher SD is a bit of an goofy. Its fast nevertheless the unsorted app drawer helps it be a real pain to work with. If you hardly ever feel the app compartment preferring shortcuts around the desktop then this wont trouble you much kinds you got it put in place. However the rest of us will see the app compartment to be source of frustration. Combine this along with lack of widgets or perhaps live wallpaper and you have a launcher that is way too weird.
Download Wonder the Launcher SD English through Appbrain

HomeForYou free 2.47
HomeForYou is often a Home Launcher replacement by Japan and it definitely shows. Most of the food selection use very stilted Uk though readable. Whilst it accepts theme packages there are exactly 5 total theme provides available and theyre all in Japanese. This specific version crashes like CRAZY on my OG Droid nevertheless.
HomeForYou does have some quite interesting features such as Files file browser adjustments browser and so on. The idea seem to also help free form app or widget placement lively widget support and so on. Unfortunately due to finish lack of help record and crash-prone performance that app cannot be recommended until someone assists them write a proper Language manual translation.
Download HomeForYou through Appbrain

Fake Gingerbread
These are copying the look of the Gingerbread Android OS 2.3 launcher. A few do better job as opposed to others.
HE Launcher
HE Launcher is surely an attempt to fake the Gingerbread launcher by means of basically skin-ning the go delinquent launcher. It looks just like Gingerbread launcher... Soon you start to use it.
Whenever you hit menu you will get the same buttons since regular launcher. Author simply added drop to uninstall yet had to disable panoramic mode.Widgets are scalable but no big deal.
Aside from the looks there is very little to advocate this.
HE Launcher
Benefits- Looks like Gingerbread launcher drop for you to uninstall scalable widgetsDisadvantages- Only looks at first glance plenty of bugs for you to squashRating- Your five.5 out of 15
Download HE Launcher via Appbrain
Gingerbread Launcher
Now that Nexus S can be out Modaco ported the Gingerbread launcher to run about Froyo.
Unfortunately there is NOTHING special about this launcher. It has this Nexus One screen clues but you can get that on ADW.Launcher it has immediate link to browser and phone well whatever the fails to those are and has now a link straight to Settings Applications underneath menu. And thats it.
It is usually almost 5 MB in size. I value the effort but its absolutely nothing special.
Pros- It can be new its veryCons- Nothing exclusive to this launcher... really. Status- 5.5 from 10Verdict- definitely not worth the upgrade...
Acquire Gingerbread Launcher from Appbrain
Another Gingerbread Launcher
This kind of OTHER Gingerbread Launcher is by Eugene373 had opted on a diet size shrunk and can fool relaxed observation.
Rating Half a dozen out of 10
Get Another Gingerbread Launcher from Appbrain
Android os 2.3 Launcher
Yet ANOTHER Gingerbread clone nothing way too special about this just one either.
Rating 5.5 out of 15
Get Android 3.3 Launcher from Appbrain
Following home replacing apps are no longer available.
Helix Launcher 2
HelixLauncher 2 having a green icon was in the past available. It is enhanced over the old just one with far more vision candy but also more slowly performance. Previous evaluation somehow access your Nexus One-exclusive version. Since then the actual universal Android 2.Just one version was found and also tested. The generic version works fine about the Moto Droid.
Helix Launcher A couple of feels quite a bit sluggish at least on medical. However the eye chocolate is better. It also lets you hide the reputation bar. There is even now no theme support but the Live Wallpaper support is still there. Your app drawer is now lively and the icons in the drawer now snaps to make sure they dont appear half-in and half-out with the window. The dock intended for 4 permanent shortcuts are still there and you can today add a glass effect to highlight the dock alone. It still supports as much as 7 screens.
Benefits- Same as HelixLauncher but also much more eye candyDrawbacks- slower at medical slower overall nonetheless no theme assistRating- 8.Five out of 10 actually
WARNING- This application appears to have been removed from Google android Marketplace.
FreedHome is basically some sort of faster PandaHome. It can put a different icon on ANY app with star libraries so you can assign icons to other applications and also ability to change icon density of the desktop screen. The example picture displays instead of the normal 4x4 the particular density is greater to 5x5. You can see the effect- extra row along with column for more techniques.
It has two stationary shortcuts at the bottom. These are a bit hard to delegate the program has to listing every single app fitted but otherwise these people work. They can be skinned.
The theme library is a bit thin currently but it is growing.
Over-all FreedHome has potential but it needs wider concept pack and symbol pack compatibility along with a bigger library connected with themes and celebrities for it to be accepted as being a viable alternative.
Advantages- theme support Only two static shortcuts rateCons- not that several themes availableStatus- 6.5 outside of 10 Verdict- possesses potential
NOTE- FreedHome is not really available but remains listed in Androlib
Simple Residence
Simple Home indeed theres a space from the name is a pure launcher nothing more nothing less. There is no widget service just a filter clubhouse on top that helps you actually filter down the different apps you got. Even if its just a wallpaper. You are able to however filter through Alpha Frequency Recency i actually.e. recentness frecency combination of frequency and recency already operating and custom separate out.
This is a curiosity anything.
Pros- Fast clean up launcherCons- nothing else... no wallpaper no golf widget no folders simply no everythingRating- Some out of 10Verdict- A launcher with NO personalization yikes
Download Basic Home from Appbrain Will no longer AVAILABLE
MyHome Launcher Lite
MyHome Launcher Lite is has a separated and confused character. It claims to certainly be a faster lighter meaner household but its own APK weighs 2.5 MB which is positively best quality when Zeam weights with at under 500KB. It claims to support designs but its proprietary topic format only supports reskinning of the docks and the keys on the docks.
It is none fish nor hen.
Rating- 6 from 10
Link to MyHome Launcher Lite on Appbrain no longer obtainable
Dont bother seeking these...
Here are two that you should avoid- AdvancedLauncher in addition to aHome Mini. Neither of which will run on Motorola Droid running Android Two.1. They just enter a continuous ForceClose loop. I did to turn the phone on reset it.
I will admit that these programs are written intended for Android 1.6 a.k.some sort of. Cupcake not the later versions. Still many people could have been labelled greater.
For heavy-weights the highest runners are ADW.Launcher Head out Launcher Ex and Launcher Professional. There are proponents for every single. With the latest upgrade it seems Go Launcher Ex-mate has pulled before pack as its totally free AND supports themes or templates and everything else.
For that light-weights its a toss-up between TagHome along with Zeam depending on what feature you value a lot more.
If you want something like an iPhone try Quick Start Home or Vlauncher
Should you prefer a fully integrated desktop you may want to try SlideScreen so you dont even ought to muck with your home screen default to do it This is a good app that permits you to try out all the functionality without too much of any nag. Netfront Life Screen is a great second choice in case you have a heft cell phone to run it.
Your secondary choices are Helix Launcher intended for older phones Speedy Launch Home or maybe Home.
Everything else is often too limited or perhaps too much of a nag. Zune hd buy Today millions of people are interested in watching online tv shows such as wwiTV Beelinetv ESPN. Sports BBC News. Many of them want to record these online tv materials for future usage most especially whenever they desired to watch on line television they had not watched earlier than or just to serve being a component of their collections.
Wondershare Streaming Video clip Recorder will help you to down load file your preferred via the internet Tv on your own laptop computer and view your Tv shows wherever you materialize being so you will not skip one particular episode of your popular Television series.
bKey Functionsb
Adopt superior on line Tv exhibits downloading technologies
The online tv demonstrates recorder can sniffer over the internet tv exhibits instantly when commencing to play on the net television shows a pop-up window will screen in excess of the model tray you are able to click on on record skip button to choose the television exhibits what you wish recording.
Embedded 1600 free on the web Television channels
In More channels you can get in excess of 1600 free of charge on-line Tv channels and streaming media internet sites from all over the planet MTV NBC CCTV wwitv Beelinetv craftytv Mediahopper Sling.com

Handle your personal Television channels
In My favorite you may make your very own favorite record. Rename Delete Add Tv channels or nternet sites to manage your preferred source.
Built-in powerful Tv exhibits converter
Wondershare Video Recorder not merely down load document on the web television demonstrates but also transform them to preferred formats like MP3 MP4 3GP WMV AVI MOV MPG M4V OGG APE VOB WMA AAC AC3 and so on so you can watch your beloved on the net tv exhibits on iPod iPhone PSP Zune Resourceful Zen and mobile phones.

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